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Legend inuit: Akhlut

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Not much is known about this mythical beast that is described as either, a wolf and an orca at the same time, or a wolf that can change into an orca and the other way around. It’s also quite hard to track back its Original story, as it was never written down, and more than one version of the story exists.

However, one story is most popular. It’s about a man who is obsessed with the sea and wants to be with it all the time. One day, or night, he returns to the village, but his people don’t recognise him, because he has become to obsessed with the ocean, and he gets banned. Wandering the large, cold plain, he finds pack of wolves, and because he’s so hungry of revenge he becomes one. But because of his affection for the ocean he jumps into the ocean, to become one with it. He then also transforms into an orca. Thus, he now swims as an orca, being at ease, but whenever his hunger for revenge is once again awoken, he comes to land and transfroms into a wolf.

What Always comes back into these stories though, is that there are footprints of a wolf to be found going to, or from the ocean, without any signs of the wolf leaving, or going to the ocean. There are, however, some simple explanations for this. First of all, the chunk of ice the arctic wolf was coming from/ going to, simply borke of. Either with the wolf still on it, or with the wolf already having left, but a few meters away. The second solution is somewhat more mysterious, and still some kind of myth. It says that sometimes, when alder arctic wolves are being rejected by a  pack, they would commit suicide by jumping in the cold, icy water and drown themselves. This is rather odd, however, because survival instinct should prevent them from doing that, because it’s very strong with animals. The third explanation is that the wolf jumped into the water, swam a little bit, and came onto shore a few metres away. However, this would mean that the wolf would need a reason to swim, because it’s not really nice to swim at the north pole, and it can be rather dangerous, so this theory also has his flaws.



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