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legends(001) unicorns?

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So after asking a random person what was interesting, she said unicorns, so I will do something with unicorns, and no, not the ones from My little pony, I’ll first try to find where they originated from.

So for those who dont’t know (even though you should’ve heard of them once), a unicorn is a horse, most of the time white, with a slender, and most of the time spiral horn.

However, the unicorn wasn’t Always depicted like this, in China, where teh unicorn originated aro0und and most likely before 2800 B.C.(!) sounds like the oldest unicorn in history to me. where it was called a ‘K’i-lin’. It has the body of a deer, the hooves horse (which where white), and an ox’s tail. Also, unlike the European unicorn, this one has a horn made out of flesh instead of bone.

To the Chinese, the unicorn was a symbol of wisdom and often a good omen. An emperor, called Fu Hsi, said he saw a K’i-lin which had writing on it, Thus he said they where the sole reason for the Chinese language. There is also a tail about a certain type of K’i-lin, but that comes tomorrow, or not, just never. Changed my mind. woops…

And that is a brief introduction to the unicorn. Now, There probably isn’t such a thing a thing as a horse with a horn, so what could it be otherwise?

Some people think it was actually a rhinoceros. And you may think right away; wait a second! Rhinoceri have two horns. Then I say:’Good job, you’re being sharp, but that’s the standard rhinoceros you know. And so did I, until I searched for extinct rihnoceri. And I found one looking like this:File:Elasmotherium.jpg

TThat looks pretty much like a horse with a giant horn. The Elasmotherium or thin plated beast.

And then I found this:ElasmotheriumThat doesn’t look like a giant horse with a giant, but more like a giant lazy hamster with a gigantic horn. BUT this doesn’t matter as much as the animal is extinct since the pleistoceen. But consider this: they could’ve found the fossils of this beast and thought it was a horse, right? That’s what lots of people believed when the fossil was found at first anyway. Look at the most upper picture! That’s one of the first reconstructions, and it shares quite a few traits with a horse (for example the hooves). I believe it’s true. Except if someone has counterproof.

Okay, now I will stop blabbering about unicorns! I’m out.


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